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I had 3 left when I called you and two of those sold shortly afterward.  With one left, a lady walked in this morning just as the phone rang and bought the last.  What do you think the customer on the phone was calling about?   Her friend had bought one the previous day and let her try it out and she loved it.  She wanted me to hold one for her.  But now I had none as the customer in the store had taken the last one.  Just then the person who picks up our mail came in with the box and before I could even price them and put them out, more customers came in and were taking them out of my hands!!!!  It’s crazy!!!!  Thank you!   (They will probably be gone in 2 days at this rate).  42nd Street Accents, Ephraim WI

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My order just arrived...I Love, love, love them!

Beautifully made and packaged. Thanks so much!

The Artful Gardener

And........my store smells heavenly!

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